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Are you frustrated watching your team ‘doing a lot’ and deep down you know that if they could work smarter then they could achieve even more? Do you need help figuring out ‘how’ to make that happen? I’ve been there, let me help.
I do not do fuzzy touchy feeling exercises or trust falls. I am the retreat facilitator for people who dislike those kinds of retreats. My focus is on getting practical results that will help your team function better. Period.
As a certified Master Facilitator I have facilitated retreats and workshops to help teams revisit their roles and responsibilities to better align with office and personal needs, reevaluate workloads for burden busting, and establish or streamline internal processes to promote better workflow and timely deliverables.
Through in person or remote facilitation I can help your team be higher performing.

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Our Testimonials

- Emma

Yikee possesses a remarkable ability to translate your broad vision and objectives for a retreat/workshop into specific, engaging sessions that are diverse in format. Her sessions feel fun and get you away from the usual “death by Powerpoint or oral presentations,” while still being incredibly productive. She effortlessly creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere and ensures that all participants feel valued and heard. Yikee demonstrates a deep understanding of group dynamics and conflict resolution, enabling her to navigate challenging situations with grace and professionalism. She expertly manages participants who talk too much, who don’t speak up enough, and who respond to learning/communication in alternative formats. And she does all this while managing cross-cultural dynamics! Over the past two years, I’ve been a regular client of Yikee's. She's facilitated three different French and English-language retreats (9-person, 15-person, and 30-person retreats), and I’ve never been disappointed. My team disliked retreats, often complaining that they were unproductive and weren’t worth the time. However, ever since I hired Yikee as a facilitator, my team loves the time we set aside for retreats and they remind me when it’s time for our next one. With Yikee’s support, our team reassigned roles and responsibilities to achieve a more equitable workload distribution; reduced the number of USAID health awards by 30% to reduce our team’s management burden while maintaining implementation impact and increasing efficiency; and developed a clearance matrix for intra-office approvals to streamline processes. Overall, Yikee is a reliable, knowledgeable, and a personable facilitator who consistently delivers outstanding results.

USAID Foreign Service Officer, Executive Coach, Master Facilitator


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