The Case for Humility

The supercharged, high-stakes, competitive Foreign Service career doesn’t naturally cultivate humility; in fact, it has a way of pushing everyone to become obsessed with the climb to the top. I believe that many organizations could benefit from encouraging more humility in the workplace and creating a feedback culture. Read more in my article published in the December 2023 edition of The Foreign Service Journal.

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I am a champion of work-life balance. I believe true success is marrying your personal priorities with your job and making it all work together in a way that helps you live out your purpose. As a working mom I have managed to prioritize my family and still move up in my career. I share my 3 Cs approach for creating work-life balance: Connection, Communication, and Courage.

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Foreign Service Personalities Codified: What are you?

The key to successful working relationships is to know the person you are dealing with. I have put Foreign Service Officers (Americans working abroad), local country staff, and Senior leaders into categories based on their personality traits and motivations for going to work, and provided insights on how best to work with each from wherever you are in the organization – as their supervisor, peer, or subordinate.

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